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RGBE Single D Restraint Belt

Accredited to: EN 358
Material: 45mm water repellent polyester
Fittings: High tensile alloy steel
Weight: 0.62 kg
Features: Rear dee, padded back support
Max Arrest Force: RESTRAINT ONLY
  • The RGBE is an export version of the RGB1, fitted with only one dee ring attachment mounted at the rear. However this belt still retains the standard padded back support. The RGBE is a work positioning/restraint belt, (see the info sheet on restraint vs. fall arrest).

    As with the RGB1&2, the RGBE is normally used in conjunction with an RGL5 restraint lanyard, or a rope and grab system. The uses for this restraint belt are similar to the RGB1 (see RGB1 data sheet for more details).

    It is important that a client understands the difference between fall arrest and restraint before using this item.
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