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RGP2 Webbing Pole Strap with Stainless Steel Buckles

Accredited to: EN 358
Material: 45mm Polyester webbing
Fittings: High tensile alloy steel / Stainless Buckles
Weight: 0.6 kg
Features: Wide protector pad
Special Feature: Double Action Snap Hooks
Max Arrest Force: RESTRAINT ONLY
  • The RGP2 is a pole strap/ work-positioning device, designed to be clipped to the side dees of a harness or work-positioning belt. The adjuster is easy to use “one handed” either under tension or not. The 45mm webbing, is protected by a wide pad in the work area, to offer some protection against abrasion and extend the life of the product. The 1.4mtr length of the RGP2 allows the user enough freedom of movement, without being exposed to a fall.

    The RGP2 is primarily used for pole climbing, but can also be pressed into service for mast climbing, maintenance and general work on open steel structures. When pole climbing, additional equipment should be used to prevent falls whilst moving. When the RGP2 is attached, the operative can then use both hands to perform tasks whilst in a safe and comfortable position. This device is normally used in conjunction with an RGH3 or RGH4, which also allows for the attachment of additional fall arrest equipment.
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