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RGL11 Kernmantel Rope Lanyard & Shock Absorber


Accredited to: Fully tested and approved to BS EN 355
Material: Clear polythene shock absorber cover
Web Material: 50mm shock absorber backing webbing >3000kg
Weight: 0.95 kgs
Features: Length 1.7 mtrs, 12mm integral kernmantel rope lanyard
Special Features: 100mm long sewn terminations
Max Arrest Force: Maximum arrest force < 6kN
  • Sewn terminations covered with protective heatshrinkFitted with triple action karabiner for added safetyKarabiner connected with nylon thimble for ease of operationVelcro double sided tab fitted to karabiner, allows for temporary attachment of lanyard to harness during climbingDouble action hook provides quick and safe connection to harness ā€˜Dā€™ ringAdditional label sewn inside Velcro pocket to allow for entering user detailsNylon Kernmantel static rope has high energy absorption and exceptional resistance to abrasionRope strength in excess of 40kN and meets the requirements of EN 1891Available with different hook/karabiner similar structureFully approved, trialled and used extensively options as requiredCan be attached direct to suitable anchorage point or can be choked around pole or by major utility company
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