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RGL7 Shock Absorber

Accredited to: EN 355
Web Material: Tear webbing and >25 kN backing webbing
Fittings: 2 x RGK12, 70mm Delta Link
Weight: 0.4 kg
Max Arrest Force: < 6kN
  • The RGL7 is similar to the standard shock pack, which is fitted to all of the RidgeGear fall arrest lanyards. When supplied as an individual unit, the RGL7 is fitted with RGK12 delta links at both ends.

    The maximum extension of the RGL7 is 1.75M when fully deployed, and this unit is also fitted with a “back up” length of webbing for reassured strength and security. The transparent protective sleeve covering the unit, allows the user to visually inspect the condition of the RGL7 prior to each use.
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