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Twin Leg Elasticated Webbing Lanyard & Shock Absorber


Accredited to: EN 354 & EN 355
Web Material: 35mm tubular webbing
Fittings: RGK12 Delta Link
Weight: 0.5 kg
Features: Expanding elasticated lanyard
Special Features: You can select the type of Karabiner at other end
Max Arrest Force: < 6kN
  • The RGL9 has a similar specification to the RGL6 (see data sheet), and is supplied in two lengths measured at full expansion, 1.3 M and 1.8 M

    The RGL9 is a twin leg lanyard, the extra leg allows movement between anchorage points by means of double clipping. This system is generally used for tower climbing, steel erecting, scaffolding and maintenance on open structures. When used in conjunction with two Girder Slings (RGK26), the RGL9 can be used as a means of progression through suitable structures where no fixed lifeline or eyebolts are available. The elastication in the lanyard reduces the amount of hanging slack in the lanyard, which can be helpful when working in tight spaces to help reduce trip hazards and entanglement.
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