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RGL10 Steel Chain Lanyard & Shock Absorber


Accredited to: EN 354 & EN 355
Material: Alloy steel to EN 818-4
Fittings: 2 x RGK12, 70mm Delta Link
Weight: 2.0 kg
Max Arrest Force: < 6kN
  • The RGL10 is fitted with the same shock absorber pack as all of the other RidgeGear fall arrest lanyards and is supplied in one standard length of 1.8M

    The RGL 10 was originally designed for the mining industry, as the chain lanyard length provided protection against damage, due to falling debris. Although this is a heavy weight lanyard, once fitted, the user doesn’t feel a marked difference to using other lanyards. Due to the weight of the chain, it tends to keep away from the user whilst working.
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