RGA12 Stainless Steel Rope Grab for 11mm

Accredited to: EN 353-2
Material: St/Steel RGA12 body. Alloy cam
Fittings: Shock Pack fitted with alloy steel fittings
Weight: RGA 12 Body. 0.8Kg
Features: Safety Lock
Max Arrest Force: < 6kN
  • The RGA12 is designed to provide vertical/inclined fall protection to operative sascending /descending a ladder or structure. This version of the rope grab is for use with 11mm Kernmantel Rope Only. When used by itself, the RGA 12 should be connected directly to the chest attachment of a harness (RGH2/RGH4), via a karabiner. This ensures that the operative is held close to the structure and in the event of a slip, the fall distance and loading on the top anchor is minimal.

    In working conditions it is usual to provide additional fall protection equipment to protect the user when detaching from the device at height (i.e. RGL Range). Normally some training is required to illustrate safe working practices.
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