RGA12R 11mm Kernmantel Rope

Accredited to: EN353/2 & EN1891
Material: Double Twisted Polyamide 6
Fittings: Stitched eyes can be fitted
Features: Extremely durable and has a long service life
    It is not only top quality and hundred per cent reliability over a long length of time that distinguishes our ropes. Our research engineers are continuously developing
    innovative solutions, which repeatedly make Ridgegear ropes the most suited for this type of application.
    The Coating Finish process is an example of the innovation strength which often gives Ridgegear ropes the decisive technological advantage, again and again
    makes us the “trend setters” when it comes to safety and variety of uses. In the Coating Finish process the individual rope fibres are refined through a Teflon
    coating. Through this the friction between the fibres is minimised and its glide ability is improved. The loading, through a fall, is distributed evenly on all yarns,
    every individual filament (finest element) contributes to the optimum performance.
    This enables us to Distribute ropes which are considerably lighter, or ropes which can withstand considerably higher loads «sharp edge resistance», with the same weight.
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